How A Deceased Estate Clearance Service Can Save You Money

A deceased estate clearance provider will remove the contents of a deceased person's home, by appointment of the family or a will, and clean up the property to get it ready to be sold. The service takes the physical and emotional toll of sorting through belongings of family members, and there are a wide range of options available to allow you to create a tailored service that meets your needs, such as arranging storage of certain items, organising the sale of items and shredding unwanted documents. Whether you are a family member charged with clearing out a loved one's property or someone who is shopping for household goods on a budget, deceased estate clearance can save you money. 

Clearing Out A Loved One's Property

Hiring a company to move household furniture and goods to a dump, recycling centre or storage unit can be expensive, but using an estate clearance service allows you to offset the cost of removing items from a property by allowing the estate clearance provider to sell some of the items removed from the property. An estate clearance company will visit the property and give you a quote for clearing the contents. You can agree to pay an upfront fee for this service or commission them to hold an auction or sale and agree to a split of the profits, which can mean you don't actually pay anything out-of-pocket for the estate clearance service. A deceased estate clearance provider will typically hold an auction for larger items, such as complete bedroom sets and valuables. Smaller items will be sold at public estate sales which can be held at the company's premises.   

Attending Estate Clearance Sales

If you're in the market for household goods, such as sofas, appliances, crockery and dining sets, attending a public estate sale can be a great way to snag a bargain. These sales operate with the goal of selling as much as possible to avoid the cost and time involved in disposing of unsold stock at the end of the sale. All items are on display for you to inspect, and some estate clearance services will deliver an item you buy at the sale for a reasonable delivery fee. Smaller items are sold as individual pieces, while items that form part of a set, such as a dining table and chairs, tend to be sold together. At some sales, you can buy a mystery box of items, which can be a fun experience and you may even score a bargain.

Utilising the services of a deceased estate clearance service offers financial benefits and saves perfectly good household items from going to landfill. If you'd like to discuss having a property cleared out or if you'd like to find out about public sales in your area, contact your local estate clearance company.