Three Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Business Suit

Business suits are an important part of entering the professional world, with many workplaces expecting them on at least some occasions. However, for those who are not well versed in etiquette and the traditions of these suits, it can be easy to make a common mistake. This is never a big problem as almost everyone will make some common mistakes with their business suits, but if you can avoid it then you should at least try. Here are three common mistakes when it comes to getting a business suit.

Don't Go Black Tie

Business suits are professional clothing, not for formal events. There is a distinction as black tie suits, which are tuxedos and similar variants, are meant only for extremely formal occasions such as galas and important gatherings. You may only wear a black tie suit a few times a year, if that, while business suits need to be far more work-ready. That means they need to be made of stronger material, able to cope with more wear and retain their shape. Try to stick to blue, grey or other similar colours, while avoiding black as even when it is not a black-tie styled suit, black suits are generally not worn professionally. 

Buy Matching Pants And Jackets

It can be easy to see a good deal on a formal pair of pants and want to pair it with another similar looking jacket that is also on sale, but this is a big mistake. Unless the two sections were created together, there will always be noticeable differences, and this comes across as quite scruffy. Whether it is the colour shades not quite matching or the pattern being very different, something will always give it away that your suit is actually two different pieces. Business suits should always be bought as a pair (or even three-piece) to ensure a smart look.

Do Not Follow Fashion Trends

Every now and then, fashion trends will make there way through the industry and affect everything, including suits. It can be tempting to try and get a baggier suit or perhaps a suit with a more daring style to suit the times. This is not a good idea as these trends often leave as quickly as they came and you are left with a very outdated look you might have spent hundreds on. Stick with a classic, uncontroversial look. The office is not a place to make a fashion statement, especially not in your first role.