3 Helpful Tips to Choose the Ideal Caravan Antenna for Your Digital TV

Selecting the ideal caravan TV antenna can be a challenging affair. There is nothing as satisfying as receiving excellent reception while on your motorhome or RV as you tour different parts of the country. While on the road, you'll receive numerous signals from different television transmitters across the entire of Australia. For that reason, choosing the ideal caravan TV antenna can be a daunting task, with countless options available at your disposal.  

Depending on your travel schedule and TV usage, various options might suit your needs. However, ask yourself these questions:

  • Which location will you require an antenna TV?
  • Where do you plan to install it?
  • Do you need the input of a professional installer?
  • Do you need temporary or permanent antenna mounting?

These four questions must give you a clearer idea of your unique situation, and based on your answers, consider the following tips to guide your purchase decision. 

Choosing Between VHF and UHF 

Australian TV transmission towers can transmit very high frequencies (VHF) or ultra-high frequencies (UHF). The TV antenna you choose must tune in to either of these frequencies seamlessly. Scientifically, UHF signals are dispensed vertically while VHF signals horizontally. These two orientations determine the shape of the caravan TV antenna you choose.

Ideally, most urban centres in Australia rely on VHF frequencies, contrary to remote locations that depend on UHF transmissions. To be on the safe side, though, consider investing in hybrid caravan TV antennas if you plan to travel across cities and remote locations.

The Strength of Your Signal and Directionality 

The caravan antenna on your RV or motorhome works pretty harder than your conventional TV antenna in your home. That's because such an antenna requires more signal reception on the go. Mobile antennas might be directional or omnidirectional. Directional types require orienting towards the nearest transmission tower, while the omnidirectional types have self-orienting capabilities for maximum signal receipt. 

For that reason, consider choosing omnidirectional antennas for your recreational vehicle. Furthermore, consider the signal strength in locations you'll be visiting. If there will be weaker transmission signals in the area, choose an in-built transformer antenna for more robust signals.

The Cost of Caravan TV Antenna 

Finally, price matters a lot when choosing a caravan TV antenna. High-end TV antennas with advanced features can be costly but guarantee better convenience and durability. However, if a particular antenna model doesn't fit your specific budget, consider other features you've picked are indispensable. By compromising on features and quality, you might find a better caravan antenna that is ideal for your requirements.

Contact a local caravan accessory dealer to learn more about caravan antenna systems.